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BOX   -   Any turned item with a lid

NATURAL EDGED BOWL   -   A turned bowl with a natural edge

GOBLET   -   A drinking vessel with a stem

OPEN   -   Any turned item

HOLLOW FORM   -   A hollow item where the inside has been turned blind.  The diameter of the opening at the top should be no more than 1/3 of the diameter of the widest part of the vessel. 

MINIATURE   -   A turned item(s) that when finished will fit into a 35mm film canister (with lid in place)

SPINDLE   -   A turned item started and finished between centres.  Note - it is not allowed to support the piece by a chuck at any time during the making of the item.

PLATTER   -   A shallow plate which is flat for at least ¾ across the inside base

ASH BOWL   -   Any bowl turned from Ash

DECORATED ITEM   -   A turned item decorated in any way

MATCHING PAIR   -   A pair of turned items of the same size

COLLABORATION TROPHY   -   An item undertaken by two or more members from different skill categories (Novice, Intermediate & Advanced)